CASPer Snapshot? Another step??

Official CASPer Snapshot Information:

It is no surprise that more of the interview process has now moved online. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us and has disrupted multiple domains of our lives.

The medical school application process is no exception. Now you also may have to go through the CASPer Snapshot in addition to the regular CASPer test.

The world started to shut down around the moment of the 2020 interview cycle. Not surprisingly, most schools scrambled to find alternatives to the in-person interview. Some schools managed an online MMI, and some schools decided to cancel their MMIs all together, and put more weight on the CASPer® exam itself. This year, Altus Assessments has released a new tool that some schools have decided to use for the 2020-2021 application cycle – the CASPer® Snapshot. It is being presented as an opportunity for you to demonstrate your personal attributes. We are not sure how much weight the schools will put on this new step. Are they just trying it out? Is this how all interviews will be moving forward? Only time will tell.

We would think that this snapshot is a way for you to show a different side of yourself. The CASPer® Test requires you to be able to express yourself through fast typing and text. While the snapshot is a way for you to show your personality in a more human way – so maybe for some, the snapshot will be easier to prepare for than the CASPer® Test, and may increase your chances of landing an interview! What is certain is that this is another step you must prepare for, in order to have a shot at acceptance to medical school. We have all become more comfortable with online interviews, and the snapshot is just that – a one-way interview. You need to talk into the camera and provide your answer to three different questions, for two minutes each. You cannot re-record yourself. Once it’s done, it’s done. You can however practice beforehand on the takecasper website – so I would suggest to take advantage of it!

Looking for realistic practice CASPer Tests? Click here!

What kind of questions will they ask on the CASPer Snapshot? It seems for now that the questions asked during the CASPer® Snapshot are similar to those you would find in a standard interview aimed at testing your communication and professionalism skills.

For example:

  • Tell us about someone you admire and why.
  • What is your favourite book?
  • What is an obstacle you have faced, and how did you get through it?
  • What aspect of your future profession are you most excited about?

You know these questions, you have seen them and have practiced them before! Now it’s just about being able to record yourself on camera in 2 minutes giving a good answer!

How do I prepare for the CASPer® Snapshot? 

After reviewing this new tool, I feel that this is something you can prepare for on your own. Most of us have the ability to record ourselves and you should do this in order to practice. Make sure your answers are clear and concise, and that someone who does not know you can follow what you are saying. Your body language should be professional, and try to practice eye contact – by looking at the camera. But try not to stare 🙂

Ask your friends and family to watch your videos and then get their “first impression”. Do you come off as someone who is professional, passionate, empathetic? Or someone who is arrogant and unsure? 

Can MedCoach help me prepare for Snapshot? 

MedCoach offers a CASPer Crash Course that covers how to master questions, gives you examples of how other students answer, and also grants access to a practice test!

If you prefer to work with one of our coaches to prepare for snapshot, we can of course help you. Please book a session with one of our coaches.

During your session, our coaches will be able to provide you with practice questions that you will answer in real time via video, and then the coach will review your responses with you.

Do you have any specific questions? Post them below and a coach will answer them!

Good luck!