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Are you preparing for an MMI interview and looking for an MMI prep course? Then this course is for you!

Watch the recorded videos from the past 3 years of live classes.

This recorded series includes Over 20 Hours of recorded content of the last three years of the Weekly MMI, review of MMI station approaches and tons of MMI practice scenarios.

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The Weekly MMI is a series of online videos that go over the key skills you will need when facing your MMI stations.

Remember, the MMIs are testing your personality! You cannot cram in the skills for the MMI last minute. MedCoach offers this series so that you are staying up to date and developing your skills with time. By the time you reach your interview, it will be second nature for you to breeze through the scenarios!

You will have access to the videos from the “My Courses” tab once you register.

Course facilitator:

Leah Feldman MD.,CM. Creator of MedCoach – experience with the MMIs for the past 10 years.

Course Learning Objectives:

The medical school interview process – so that you know exactly what to expect on your interview day

The key skills – so that you know how to get through any MMI station with ease

The common mistakes students make – so that you don’t make the same!

Practice scenarios – Want to see some sample mmi interview questions and answers? Hear other students act out MMI stations in real time with Leah and get direct feedback!

Course Curriculum:

  • Topic 1: Introduction to the MMI – What to Expect
  • Topic 2: The 7 key skills required to ace any MMI station. How to change your approach depending on the skill they are testing.
  • Topic 3: Skill 1 + sample questions
  • Topic 4: Skill 2 + sample questions
  • Topic 5: Skill 3 + sample questions
  • Topic 6: Skill 4 + sample questions
  • Topic 7: Skill 5 + sample questions
  • Topic 8: Skill 6 + sample questions
  • Topic 9: Skill 7 + sample questions
  • Topic 10: Summary and good luck!

For a demo of the course:

For any questions, e-mail support@mymedcoach.ca

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17 reviews for Weekly MMI Class Recordings

  1. Ashley

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to comment on how positive my experience with MedCoach was. Leah is amazing and her team is awesome – so happy to have started med this fall. The MMI workshops/sessions were amazing and helped me prepare so well for my interview. I fully recommend MedCoach!!!

  2. Stephanie

    Thank you so much Leah for this amazing program!
    The videos really helped to increase my confidence and know what to expect on the actual MMI. I just had my interview and I think it went well!

  3. PS

    Leah’s weekly MMI program is amazing. We go through all the important skills which will be useful to ace the MMIs. I would definitely recommend signing up for the course!

  4. TZ

    I just had my interview at McMaster for medical school. I am genuinely impressed with how much the weekly MMI course was able to prepare me for the actual interview day! We covered every question style that I was asked on the actual interview. One of the most valuable things I took from the course was to see other students answer MMI questions with Leah. I really got to see how other students think which helped tremendously to increase my confidence.
    One thing I would add that is not covered in the series, is not to let other students psych you out while you are waiting for your interview. Just try to keep to yourself and stay focused on yourself.
    I would highly recommend the weekly MMI series!

  5. MG

    Hey! I wanted to let you know that, as far as MMI schools go, I got accepted at McMaster, Calgary, Queen’s, and accepted off of the waitlist at Dalhousie. I got wait-listed at U of Sask. I think doing the Weekly MMI was very helpful, so thank you for running it!

  6. Med2019

    I purchased the previously recorded videos because I felt it would have a lot of value – since it includes three years worth of videos.
    The theory is pretty much the same year to year (which makes sense) but what was great was to see other people answer the MMI questions – that really helped me understand how to compare myself to others which really helped. Leah is really passionate and inspiring while teaching!

  7. Starry_med

    I did the live 2018 class last year. It was awesome and I really found that it helped me understand what to expect! I got in to med school after my first round of applications. I would recommend the course!

  8. Sentana

    I just finished watching the previous year’s videos and I can’t wait for this year’s class to start! The videos are really great and Leah is an excellent teacher.

  9. Thierry

    Really grateful to have found this course prior to my interview. I did the live course as well. It really helped me! Thanks 🙂

  10. AB

    The design of the class was great. Explaining different CANMed roles and supporting the explanation by providing scenarios that are very similar to real MMI scenarios was an ideal way to present this class. The feedback provided by the coaches was really constructive and valuable. The coaches’ medical experience just added to the quality of the feedback and showed a different perspective to think about the MMI. I really enjoyed this class and learned a great deal.

  11. SV

    I would have liked to participate more than once but its a group class so I recognize its limited for time. I learnt lots and enjoyed it overall!

  12. BabB

    Very helpful and insightful!

  13. JK

    It would have been great if we only practiced and have given the lecture material to review before hand

  14. FarB

    Very critical and that helps a lot so we get better! I would take Morgan as group coaching and Manasi as 1:1!

  15. NG

    I thought that the team of coaches was absolutely amazing! All of them had a different style to approach scenarios and gave different perspectives.
    The structure of the course was great too. I liked how we touched on different CANMEDs roles and had practice scenarios related to them.
    I feel much less stressed about the interviews now and I deeply regret not taking this class earlier!

  16. JP

    I thought the courses each year were very well presented. It was helpful to see other people answering questions. The theory is pretty much the same each year but the MMI questions change each year.

  17. Adamo

    Great value for three years of recordings – thanks

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