The Weekly MMI Prep Course

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As classes have already begun and practice spots are full, you can now join the live class at a discount!

You will still be able to attend classes live, participate in chat discussions, and live feedback! Also, connect with others looking to practice this cycle.

Classes start January 7, 2024 and runs every Sunday from 9-11am EST until February 11, 2024.

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Our most popular MMI Prep Course – The Weekly MMI! Jumpstart your medical interview prep. The Weekly MMI is a series of group coaching sessions which include the ability to:

  • Attend over 12 hours of group coaching sessions
  • Access pre-recorded course material that covers common challenges and topics top tips for how to stand out on your MMI!
  • Practice high-yield MMI questions live with a coach and receive feedback.
  • Watch other students answer live and learn how to stand out

Classes start January 7, 2024 and runs every Sunday from 9-11am EST. All classes are recorded, so you will never miss any information and you can watch classes over and over! Class sizes will be kept to a minimum to maximize participation, so spots are limited. Select your preference for class language when you sign up!

*Class availability in French is subject to class size / number of registrants

23 reviews for The Weekly MMI Prep Course

  1. Hubert Provost

    Hi, is it possible to add a description to the course? Thank you!

  2. AB

    (2021) The design of the class was great. Explaining different CANMed roles and supporting the explanation by providing scenarios that are very similar to real MMI scenarios was an ideal way to present this class. The feedback provided by the coaches was really constructive and valuable. The coaches’ medical experience just added to the quality of the feedback and showed a different perspective to think about the MMI. I really enjoyed this class and learned a great deal.

  3. SV

    I would have liked to participate more than once but its a group class so I recognize its limited for time. I learnt lots and enjoyed it overall!

  4. BabaB

    Very helpful and insightful!

  5. JK

    It would have been great if we only practiced and have given the lecture material to review before hand

  6. FarB

    Very critical and that helps a lot so we get better! I would take Morgan as group coaching and Manasi as 1:1!

  7. NG

    I thought that the team of coaches was absolutely amazing! All of them had a different style to approach scenarios and gave different perspectives.
    The structure of the course was great too. I liked how we touched on different CANMEDs roles and had practice scenarios related to them.
    I feel much less stressed about the interviews now and I deeply regret not taking this class earlier!

  8. Justine

    The Weekly MMI is one of the best courses I have participated in for my interview prep!

  9. MN

    This is a great course series with valuable personalized live feedback, excellent practice opportunities, and good perspective on different approaches you might take in MMI interviews. The group setting is helpful to learn from each other. Overall it’s a great experience!

  10. TP

    I really enjoyed the Weekly MMI this year. Great videos by Leah and the other coaches! All amazing. Also appreciate the extra french practice to accommodate us.

  11. Aggi

    The course was great.

  12. Adrian

    The course was well run this year. They added a bonus class to help students participate more which I really appreciated. The coaches were all great and I booked a few extra sessions with coaches as well. I felt very confident at my interviews which I definitely did not feel last year when I applied!

  13. Artem

    Absolutely amazing class organized by the top coaches. Really helped me with my interview prep this year and finally got in after a few application cycles!

  14. Janeyb

    The weekly MMI class was an amazing way for me to get lots of practice in, and see how other students answered. Highly recommended if you are prepping for the MMI

  15. Mark

    So far I have reviewed the previous years and I am very excited for the group sessions this year

  16. AliM

    I participated in the 2022 class. I like that there was the pre-recorded material so we had more time for practice during the classes.

  17. Helena

    Overall amazing course and awesome support from the whole Medcoach team. The coaches who taught the course were from different schools which gave a nice variation of perspectives!

  18. Chandra

    un cours très utile! Cela m’a vraiment aidé à améliorer ma confiance lors des entretiens et à comprendre ce que recherchent les intervieweurs.

  19. AH

    I really enjoyed participating in the course. The coaches were very helpful and also responsive to feedback which I really appreciated. Overall I would recommend this course to anyone looking for help to prepare for their interviews (I used it for dentistry).

  20. AnonB

    C’était un excellent cours. Yasmine, Isaura et Felicia ont toutes été formidables et ont ajouté leurs propres perspectives. Un excellent cours à suivre pour se préparer aux MEM.

  21. PC

    The pre-class material was great so we had access to it whenever and we had more time to practice which was great. I did book an extra session just to get more one on one practice but overall feeling much more confident for my interview coming up.

  22. PearlM

    My goal for the course was to improve my knowledge about potential interview topics and to improve my confidence when answering these questions and I feel this goal was achieved! Thank you to all the coaches who gave their perspectives and feedback.

  23. mowasfi

    J’ai vraiment apprécié le cours et cela a amélioré ma confiance. Merci!

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