Join the MedCoach Team!

We are very excited that you are interested in joining our amazing team of coaches. Please fill out the application form below and we will contact you once your application is reviewed!

A bit about us:

MedCoach was started in 2012 with the goal of maximizing the confidence and success rate of students going through the medical school application process.

MedCoach is different than other coaching services in that we strive to offer:

  1. The most affordable coaching sessions
  2. Donation of a portion of proceeds to healthcare-related charities
  3. Supporting students of low SES by offering bursaries to students who cannot afford coaching services

In addition to our core values, working with MedCoach allows you to:

  1. Have a flexible schedule with the understanding that studies come first
  2. Be in control of setting your own hours, working when you want to and where you want to
  3. Opportunities to be involved in events
  4. Having an amazing impact on students going through the stressful application process.

All applicants across Canada and the US are welcome! Please make sure you are able to coach as a medical student and have no conflict of interest for coaching.